Generative Art Gallery 5

Lapis Doughnut with Maze generative art at Gingezel thumbnail petals and stone 2 abstract by Judi Suni Hall. Image courtesy of Fine Art America. thumbnail crescent moons abstract
Thumbnail art balls to infinity at gingezel Thumbnail Abstract 358 Gingezel Abstract 415 thumbnail gingezel

ArtMatic from U & I Software allows her to link together mathematical units into algorithms to create an incredible range of images. A few are fractal-based, more are akin to chaos and complexity theory. The first 3 galleries were largely created in ‘zen mode’, where she was more exploring what could happen with the mathematics than trying to achieve a specific result. With experience her work has become more Generative Art, gaining control of the mathematics to create the images in her mind, although with algorithmic art of this complexity there will always be an element of surprise.