Patterns of Harmony
Gallery 1
Judi Suni Hall

Patterns of Harmony explores the repetitive structures in mathematical art. Many are beautiful in their complexity. Some are Op-Art that fool the eye and mind, some are mosaics, some are mandalas or kaleidoscopes.

thumbnail Autumn Kaleidoscope art Gingezel Thumbnail Black Ivory and Gold Mosaic art at Gingezel thumbnail tapestry look in gray and rust Gingezel

Thumbnail Sugalite Diamonds Pattern Gingezel Thumbnail Crazy quilt graphite pattern at Gingezel thumbnail Peach Blossoms on Black pattern gingezel
Many of these sorts of patterns are useful in fashion and surface design.
Sugalite Diamonds Pattern silk scarf by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel
This silk scarf is from a limited edition we did at Gingezel that is now closed.