Beading Weather

It is really autumn, not just by the calendar but by the weather. There was a frost last night, and will be again tonight. The wind is blustery, and there are days of rain. That always brings out the need to sit down at my bead table and start thinking about Christmas presents.

I know I'm not alone ~ there are millions of beaders and we all enjoy this relaxing hobby. So I decided to devote a section of this site to bead and jewelry design ideas. It is like the rest of this site. They will be updated erratically as I find the cope ~ Judi.

Honey Tone Jasper Drop Earrings by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel

Turqoise Glass and Candy Jade Necklace by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel

Catching up on Haiga

Well, maybe catching up. There has been way too long an interval since this site was updated. But there was a reason. If you skip down to the Science Fiction page, we have published the next two books in the epic Gingezel series! That brings that part of the story line to a natural conclusion.

So, with more time to focus on haiga we are posting a mix of new and old ones that should have been here ages ago. The first is i
ce on the birdbath

Ice on the Birdbath version 2 autumn seasonal haiga by Judi Suni Hall and Donals S Hall for Gingezel

The second is