Two haiga, western art

Two haiga. Daisy Chain is a summer haiga. Wind Stills is autumn haiga. Cowboy and Horse has an unimaginative title, but is is a nice scene of the rim of a canyon with mountains behind.
Daisy chain haiga by Canadian poet Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Read More...

Catching up on Haiga

Well, maybe catching up. There has been way too long an interval since this site was updated. But there was a reason. If you skip down to the Science Fiction page, we have published the next two books in the epic Gingezel series! That brings that part of the story line to a natural conclusion.

So, with more time to focus on haiga we are posting a mix of new and old ones that should have been here ages ago. The first is i
ce on the birdbath

Ice on the Birdbath version 2 autumn seasonal haiga by Judi Suni Hall and Donals S Hall for Gingezel

The second is