Love Poems

Time to add new work, not be bogged down in maintaining this old site! Yesterday I was feeling sentimental, writing Don love poems. Here are two of them:

I also added one of those fascinating abstracts that can be made in Bryce, Abstract 414. Metal and glass and strange shapes.

Abstract 414 by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel

Arctic High Pressure

It has been one of those beautiful days with a really cold arctic high pressure. Brilliant sunshine, white snow, and too cold to be outside long. So I'm both doing some catching up here, and attracted to bright colors.

New art, Abstract 358 (I've run out of names), and Fantasy Flower.

Also two new haiga Parched, and Pine Cones Roll. And catching up I've finally posted a collaboration I really enjoyed with my cousin Brenda. Here I've called it Quilting 1 and Quilting 2. (They were first published in Haiga on Line).
Abstract 358 by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel

Colors of Late Autumn on the Prairies

With Christmas days away, we are into a winter cycle. Blizzard, chinook with winds strong enough trucks can't use the north-south highways, next snow storm, bitter cold .... and so it goes.

But artistically my mind has been on the colors of late autumn here on the prairies. The late autumn season when the rich golds of harvest are gone can have a stark beauty defined by flat planes of brown and beige, clumps of grass that have not yet been bleached almost white, frozen ponds, and an endless sky that defines the mood by being brilliant blue or cloudy.
Frozen Pond and Grass art by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel
As well as using these colors in this landscape they have defined several pieces of art. Read More...

Floral and Nature art collaborations

Don and I have started a gallery of our collaborations on floral and nature art. He takes the photos, I play with them digitally. enjoy ~ J

Flowers to Arrange art by Donald S. Hall and Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Read More...