I've been away for a while, establishing our Mindscapes 2 site! It is definitely getting worth a look. But now it is time to finish some things up here. With spring in mind, here is a haiga based on a delightful picture a friend sent:
Nesting Material haiga by Elaine Ward and Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel Read More...

New Haibun

It has been ages since I wrote a haibun, but I got nostalgic about visiting my mother when she lived in Reno, Nevada. So I wrote one based on those memories. It is called Jess the Keno Runner.
Jess the Keno Runner Haiga by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Read More...

Arctic High Pressure

It has been one of those beautiful days with a really cold arctic high pressure. Brilliant sunshine, white snow, and too cold to be outside long. So I'm both doing some catching up here, and attracted to bright colors.

New art, Abstract 358 (I've run out of names), and Fantasy Flower.

Also two new haiga Parched, and Pine Cones Roll. And catching up I've finally posted a collaboration I really enjoyed with my cousin Brenda. Here I've called it Quilting 1 and Quilting 2. (They were first published in Haiga on Line).
Abstract 358 by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel

Two haiga, western art

Two haiga. Daisy Chain is a summer haiga. Wind Stills is autumn haiga. Cowboy and Horse has an unimaginative title, but is is a nice scene of the rim of a canyon with mountains behind.
Daisy chain haiga by Canadian poet Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel. Read More...

Two New Summer Haiga

We have two new summer haiga, Silken Breeze and Heavy Air

Silken Breeze a summer haiga by Canadian poet Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel Read More...

Canadian Prairies

Today is a day for nostalgia, so here are three haiga by Don and me about life in the Canadian prairies. The time is roughly 1958 to 1968.
Bridge Night
Country Dance was published in Sketchbook in spring 2012
Country dance haiga, a romantic haiga by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

Haiga Portfolio in Dec Haiga on Line

Just before Christmas, I was honored to have a portfolio of haiga featured in the Winter Sun issue of Haiga on Line, Volume 13 issue 2. If you haven't been to look at the issue yet, it is a lovely one, well worth your time.

This series was interesting to do. It was a collaboration with my lifelong friend Muriel Roggensack. She was sharing pictures from a tour of Germanic Europe she and her husband were on, and it awoke a multitude of memories from a trip Don and I had taken in the 1970's. The haiga series was an attempt create haiga meaningful to us both, capturing her new memories and expressing my old ones ~ Judi

Choosing flowers haiga Judi Suni Hall and Muriel Roggensack