Haibun & Essays

Haibun mix haiku with text to portray a more complex image or tell a short story. We have added pictures, following the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. We probably violate all of the rules on form, so we have the title haibun and essays, the term essay to cover all variations.

Once again we have tried to capture those memorable moments in everyday life plus a few of those great memories that just will not fade. Recently we have been experimenting with fables calling them Other Universe Haibun.

Here are thumbnails for the haibun:

Photograph of Marigold Flowers by Donald S Hall at Gingezel for Alley Marigolds Haibun fall crocuses for Autumn Sun Haibun at Gingezel.

Simulated Rock Mountains Gingezel Thumbnail cedar birdfeeder haiga
Cirrus clouds scudding haige by Donald S Hall at Gingezel
Thumbnail for Jess the Keno Runner haiga at gingezelthumbnail bullrider haiga gingezel
Thumbnail Snow Shadows Haibun
Gingzel Fantasy Haiga: the beginning ... is the end ... is the beginning