Pris Campbell, USA

Pris Campbell began writing/publishing free verse poetry in 1999 and haiga followed soon after. She lives in the Greater West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband where she has been sidelined with ME/CFS since 1990.

Chocolate Kisses a haiga by Pris Campbell
Published in Mindfire Journal 2006

Raindrops haiga by Pris Campbell
Published in Fireweed Journal 2006

Sails Furled a haiga by Pris Campbell

Fireflies a poem by Pris Campbell
Click here to hear this with music at Pris’ site. Published in Mindfire Journal 2005.

A haiga by Pris Campbell with an image of a pensive flapper.

As well as the gentle voice Pris shows here, she has a strong voice on the themes of aging, love and lost love, the homeless, etc. Please visit Pris’ website Poetic Inspiration and enjoy the various styles she uses to express herself.