Haiga Spring Gallery 2

These thumbnails will take you to the haiga.

thumbnail ice delta haiga by gingezel thumbnail mountian lake haiga by gingezel thumbnail drizzle haiga by gingezel
thumbnail blustery day haiga by gingezel. thumbnail mist coalescing haiga by gingezel. Thumbnail Late Spring Haiga by gingezel.
Dew drop haiga thumbnail by gingezel.Thumbnail Pink Blossom Haiga by gingezel. Potentilla haiga thumbnail by gingezel.

Blustery Day A spring seasonal haiga by Canadian poets Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

Our favorite haiga are the ones that take a moment of daily life and elevate it from everyday to memorable. Most of the haiga here try to do that. Some capture a moment in our daily lives. Others explore a distant memory and what makes that moment linger. A few are simply funny. And a few are a result of challenging ourselves to express an idea. Since we live in western Canada, that is the nature represented.There are also senryu based haiga in the moods galleries focussing on people and everyday life, not nature.

You can find our published haiga in Haiga on Line, Sketchbook, Daily Haiga, Simply Haiku, and the print journal Haiku Pix.