Floral Photography & Art
by Canadian photographer and artist Donald S. Hall
and Canadian digital artist Judi Suni Hall

The photography in the various galleries here are of Lethbridge Alberta Canada and the prairies around Lethbridge. Some of the art is a collaboration between Don and Judi. Some of the art is a totally digital creation by Judi. For more galleries please visit Gingezel Mindscapes 2

Photo Galleries:
thumbnail flower photos gallery 1 at Gingezel thumbnail flower photos gallery 2 at Gingezel
Floral and Nature art by Donald S. Hall and Judi Suni Hall
thumbnail floral and nature art gallery 1 at Gingezel Mindscape

Photograph of an orange Tiger Lily by Donald S. Hall at Gingezel.
A photograph of a beautiful orange tiger lily taken by Don.

Cinquefoil digital painting by Judi Suni Hall at Gingezel
A digital watercolor of cinquefoil by Judi.